Curtain Agency in Cobham, Surrey

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Single Curtains

Please see below for the single curtains we currently have in stock

Ticket Number: 4225


Description:   SINGLE CURTAINS- Gold with brown spots triple pinch pleat heading - lined only curtains.

Number of Pairs:  SINGLE PANEL 

Header: Triple pinch pleat

Lining:  Lined only


Width: 6' 10" or  208 cm 

Drop:   85"  or    216 cm


Fading on leading edge

Ticket Number: 4262


Description:  NEW pale taupe single curtain.

Number of Pairs:  SINGLE PANEL 

Header: Tape headed 

Lining:  Lined only


Width: 7'  or  213cm 

Drop:   88"  or 224 cm

Price: £50

Ticket Number: A 101


Description:  A single pale green floral print curtain. Some marks on the lining. 

Number of Pairs:   1

Header:   Double pinch pleat 

Lining: Lined only 

Width: 4'4"  or 132 cm  

Drop:  90" or 229cm             

Price: £50

Ticket Number: 4278 B, C 

Description: Single Ivory curtains.

Number of Curtains: 2

Header: Eyelet

Lining: Lined and interlined 

Single B: Some marks on the bottom edge

Width: 6'-8'  or 183-244 cm

Drop: 92" or  234 cm      

Price: £120

Single C:

Width: 5'-7' or 152-213 cm

Drop: 102" or 259 cm

Price: £120

Ticket Number: 4257 A,B,C

Description: One pair of grey curtains.

Number of Pairs: 1

Header:  Double pinch pleat

Lining:  Blackout lined.

Pair A:

Width: 4' 8" or  142 cm

Drop: 92" or 234cm             

Price: £150

Pair B:  Single

Width:  8' 8" or 264cm

Drop:  92" or 234cm 

Price: £200

Pair C: Single 

Width: 3' 6" or 107cm

Drop: 92"  or 234cm

Price: £120